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COVID-19 CALL TO ACTION: Consortium for Clinical Characterization of Covid19 by EHR (4CE)

Dr. Zak Kohane and several members of the Foundation's Board of Directors have launched an urgent initiative with organizations around the world to rapidly collect aggregate data on hospitalized patients that are COVID-19 positive. The goal of this effort is to quickly publish the initial results.



The i2b2 tranSMART Foundation is a member-driven non-profit foundation developing an open-source / open-data community around the i2b2, tranSMART and OpenBEL translational research platforms.


The i2b2 tranSMART Foundation enables effective collaboration for precision medicine, through the sharing, integration, standardization and analysis of heterogenous data from healthcare and research; through engagement and mobilization of a life sciences focused open-source, open-data community.



*** i2b2 NLP Challenges and Data Sets Have Moved ***

The Shared Tasks for Challenges in NLP for Clinical Data previously conducted through i2b2 are now are now housed in the Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) at Harvard Medical School as n2c2: National NLP Clinical Challenges. The name n2c2 pays tribute to the program's i2b2 origins while recognizing its entry into a new era and organizational home.

All annotated and unannotated, deidentified patient discharge summaries previously made available to the community for research purposes through i2b2.org will now be accessed as n2c2 data sets through the DBMI Data Portal. Previous challenge participants will also access any challenge specific documents in the Data Portal.

As always, you must register AND submit a DUA for access. If you previously accessed the data sets here on i2b2.org, you will need to set a new password for your account on the Data Portal, but your original DUA will be retained.

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