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Read how Eric Persaklis, VP of R&D Informatics at Centocor R&D (J&J) has partnered with Recombinant Data Corp. to build transMART - a translational informatics enterprise data warehouse that uses the i2b2 platform to pull in and integrate information from all the company's trials together with numerous existing public repositories and annotated relevant literature.  Bio-IT World, January 2010.

Follow discussions on the campaign to advance medical care by "personal altruism", that is, through volunteers who agree to provide their personal health information (phenotype and genotype).  See article in NEJM 2005, 353:2074-2077 by Zak Kohane and Russ Altman (Symbios NCBC) and followup in The Personal Genome blog.

Mining Clinical Data with i2b2
By Maureen McDonough, Bio-ITWorld Staff/August 8, 2005
Harvard project to scan millions of medical files
By Gareth Cook, Globe Staff | July 3, 2005

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