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Events Symposium 2008

Invitational Symposium

"Instrumenting the Healthcare Enterprise for Discovery"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Harvard Medical School Conference Center

NRB Amphitheater

Boston, MA


Part 1 (video):

Opening Remarks (James Mongan, MD, President and CEO, Partners HealthCare) (slides)

Opening Remarks (Zak Kohane, MD, PhD, i2b2 Center Director) (slides)

New Opportunities for Obtaining Phenotype and Genotype (as Byproducts of Clinical Care):

  • i2b2 Clinical Research Chart (Shawn Murphy, MD, PhD, i2b2) (slides)
  • Crimson Biorepository (Lyn Bry, MD, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital) (slides)

i2b2 Clinical Case Studies:

  • Translational Perspective (Zak Kohane) (slides)

Part 2 (video):

  • Keynote Address - Case Study for Clinical Relevancy: Asthma (Scott Weiss, MD, MS, BWH) (slides)

Report from Academic Users' Group (Rob Wynden, UCSF CTSA) (slides)

Part 3 (video):

Near-Term Opportunities and Challenges (Chaired by Zak Kohane for Charles Friedman, PhD, ONC)

  • Role of the ONC/HHS in New Models of Discovery (Carol Bean, PhD, ONC)   (coming)
  • Using Existing Clinical Data for Pharmacovigilance/surveillance (Allison Goldfine, MD, Joslin Diabetes Center (not available at this time)
  • Mining Clinical Data for Health Disparities Research (Gary Gibbons, MD, Morehouse School of Medicine)  (pending)
  • Pharmacogenomics/Drug Targets (Russ Altman, MD, PhD, Stanford University) (slides)

Part 4 (video):

A Necessary and Sufficient Organizational Context (Chaired by Dan Masys, MD, Vanderbilt) (slides)

  • Biobank Consent Issues (Dan Masys, MD)  (  )
  • Privacy and Confidentiality in Healthcare Research (Pearl O'Rourke, MD & Shawn Murphy, MD, PhD, Partners HealthCare) (slides)
  • IT Support Challenges (John Glaser, PhD, Partners HealthCare) (no slides)

Closing Remarks (Donald Lindberg, MD, Director, NLM) (no slides)



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