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i2b2 "How to"- Installation, Startup and Extending its Functionality

Please download and install the i2b2 Desktop VM below.

Version: 1.7
Tutorial Date: November 16, 2014
License: i2b2 Open Source License

Below is the complete VMware i2b2 server installed on CentOS. It also includes an Eclipse development environment for creating new cells.

VMware Server for Windows or VMware Fusion for Macintosh is required in order to run the Virtual Image.

In order to extract the .zip file on Windows, you will need a third party extractor such as WinZip or 7-zip. The extractor built into Windows does not support large files.

After you have downloaded and installed the VMware image, please use the following login for CentOS:

Login Account
User: demo (or root)
Password: demouser

Select the appropriate file below for download:

DownloadFile SizeType
i2b2 Desktop VMWare Image 1.7
2.2 GB WindowsMacintosh VMware Core Image v1.7
i2b2 Desktop Install Guide for Windows 866 KB PDF Installation Guide for Win
i2b2 Desktop Install Guide for Macintosh 866 KB PDF Installation Guide for Mac
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