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Training Postdoctoral

1. Postdoctoral candidates with existing funding:

Postdocs seeking a training experience at the i2b2 NCBC are encouraged to apply directly to the leaders of the cores of interest (see contacts) for available opportunities.

2. Postdoctoral candidates seeking support: i2b2 does not at this time offer a funded fellowship program. We offer the following information for individuals seeking support to work in this area:

  • The National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, is offering individual fellowships to highly qualified students and scientists who are seeking training that will enable them to engage in research relevant to the Human Genome Project. Training of scholars in examining the ethical, legal and social implications of human genome research is also encouraged, but is not available for pre-doctoral students. Three types of fellowships are offered:

1. Postdoctoral fellowships for individuals who have received their doctoral degree within the last seven years. The application receipt dates are August 5, December 5 and April 5.

2. Senior postdoctoral fellowships for individuals who received their doctoral degree more than seven years ago. The application receipt dates are August 5, December 5 and April 5.

3. Pre-doctoral Minority fellowships for graduate students with disabilities and underrepresented minority graduate students to pursue a doctoral degree.

The application receipt dates are November 15 and May 1.

Fellowship support is provided through the National Research Service Award.

Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States are eligible to apply.

For additional information about fellowship opportunities available through the NHGRI, please visit their home page at: http://www.nhgri.nih.gov/Grant_info/Funding/Training.

You may also contact the following staff:
Individual and Senior Postdoctoral Fellowships and Minority Pre-Doctoral Fellowships in Genomic Analysis and Technology:
Bettie J. Graham, Ph.D.
TEL: (301) 496-7531
e-mail: bettie_graham@nih.gov

  • Other Harvard programs in Bioinformatics:

The following chart summarizes existing post doctoral training programs within the Harvard-MIT systems:

Scholars in Clinical Science Program (SCSP)


Clinical Effectiveness Program (CEP)









Harvard School of

Harvard Hospitals


Public Health







Translational investigation (human physiology,


Biostatistics; study design; epidemiology;

pathophysiology, genetics); clinical


outcomes measurements; population-

pharmacology; clinical trials


based research




Degree: Masters in Medical Science


Degree: +/- M.S.




www.hms.harvard.edu/graduate programs/scsp









Medical Informatics Program (MI)


Clinical Investigator Training Program (CITP)
















Computer systems & architecture;


Clinical pharmacology;

data structure & representation;


vivo/in vitro measurement

reasoning under uncertainty;


Techniques; drug development

applications to biomed research



& clinical informations systems






Degree: M.S.


Degree: +/- M.S.











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