i2b2: Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside - A National Center for Biomedical Computing
Collaborations Opportunities for Industry

i2b2 aims to disseminate the methodologies and software products developed by its investigators and research staff for the widest possible user groups.  To this point, we are equally open to the adoption of i2b2's scientific and engineering output by non-profit and for-profit groups and/or companies.  Moreover, we have engineered our license to enable such adoption to be pursued freely and without any intellectual property "strings" attached.  As the members of the i2b2 Center themselves have no financial interests in the i2b2 products our only constraint is non-exclusivity.  Whomever is interested in deploying, enhancing, or adding to the distributed functionality is welcome to do so. Since 2012 BIOMERIS srl (www.Biomeris.com) has provided support services for implemetation of the i2b2 environment in EU health institutions.

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