i2b2: Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside - A National Center for Biomedical Computing
Collaborations Underrepresented Minorities

i2b2 seeks to actively engage underrepresented minorities in all aspects of our program and welcomes all expressions of interest and discussion directed at this goal.

We currently are interested in the following educational and research collaboration opportunities:

  1. Introducing college students to biomedical informatics and integrative genomics as incentives to consider graduate training and research careers in this important interdisciplinary field (Summer Scholars Program in Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics: www.mit.edu//hstsummer)
  2. Recruitment of postdoctoral candidates to our Leaders Training Program. Leaders is a two year, hands on fellowship designed to provide the advanced trainee with tailored, direct experience in informatics and integrative genomics in the laboratories of i2b2’s world class scientists. The goal of Leaders is to train the next generation of clinical researcher leaders in the application of genomic and computational tools.
  3. To insure that the computational tools developed within i2b2 reach interested institutions and individuals working with underserved patient populations and the genetically associated diseases thereof, i2b2 has developed a collaborative partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine to support this goal. An Annual Workshop will be offered for this audience with follow-up support provided from appropriate experts within i2b2.
  4. Scholars interested in studying genetically associated diseases with potential or known unique penetrance in minority populations are encouraged to open discussions about how i2b2 can leverage their work through Visiting Scientist arrangements, informal collaborations, or other mechanisms.
  5. NIH sponsors a Collaborative RO1 program (http://grants.nih.govgrants/guide/pa-files’PAR-05-063.html) designed to sponsor projects that collaborate with the National Centers for Biomedical Computing. Two application cycles are currently open (with due dates of May 19, 2005 and January 17, 2006). We would welcome expressions of interest from qualified investigators from minority or minority-serving institutions.
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